Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Indian Air Force orders another 750 Akash surface-to-air missiles

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has ordered an additional 750 Akash medium-range surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) from state-run defence behemoth Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) at a cost of Rs 42.79 billion ($925 million), it was announced on Tuesday. "A decision to place this fresh order with BEL was taken after the IAF expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Akash missiles that are deployed in two squadrons," defence minister AK Antony said on Tuesday. The IAF will deploy 125 missiles each in six squadrons as and when BEL delivers them. "The first order for 250 missiles was placed last year on a pilot basis. The IAF has decided to deploy the weapon in more squadrons for optimal use," Antony said after inaugurating the digital flight control (DFC) computer facility at BEL here. ..............TOI


Good News for our Indian defence forces because it is indigenous missile developed by DRDO very capable missile defending our sky against enemy Air force. IAF repeat order means definitely IAF satisfied the missile performance. i am sure their will be more order.

lets hope they have reliable IFF else will shoot down IAF aircraft instead of PAF

Bruce Lee such kind of missiles are only prepared by pakistan and china not by India as IAF is a very professional and 4th largest Air force in the world they know what they are buying from one of the best scientists in the world.

It's true that Chinese missiles were not even able to fly what to talk about reach near the target and hit, in War between sri lanka and LTTE in 2009.

@ Rahul

I smell blind Indian nationalism :P

I'll pay my respects to DRDO AFTER they out the LCA/Arjun/Agni III in mass production.

Since Chinese missiles did not fly in some incident that only Indians know, the Indian missiles are better. That is the Indian logic!

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