Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pakistan Eyes Acquisition of Chinese L-15 Supersonic Jet Trainer

Pakistan may acquire the Chinese L-15 supersonic jet trainer aircraft to equip a unit to transition pilots to advanced fighters, eventually reducing the types of trainers in its fleet from four to two.The need for the aircraft has arisen despite the operation of the Air Force's current basic/advanced jet trainer, the Sino-Pakistani K-8 Karakorum, which is a highly capable aircraft that has won numerous export orders. Experts dispute whether the L-15, manufactured by Hongdu, is a good fit for Pakistan's needs.........DefenseNews


It's a bit puzzling. Since K-8 is a pretty good trainer craft, one wonders what new capabilities L-15 will bring for PAF. However, L-15 is closer to advanced Chinese fighter planes (JF-17, J-10, JF-20, etc.) in its architecture and features, it may eventually replace K-8 in PAF inventory (or at least reduce its role significantly). That is due to the fact that PAF is going with JF-17 and an advanced version of J-10 in a big way.

Pakistan should acquire the Chinese L-15 supersonic jet trainer aircraft to equip a unit to transition pilots to advanced fighters.This is an absolute must

...Pakistan is not in the 90ts or a 90 like situation when Pakistan was facing (AMERICAN)sanctions the second time after the 65 war.

Pakistan has an alternate to the F-16,s the J-10B.

But breaking out of the American yoke will be a win win situation for Pakistan.

T-37 is a 60 yrs old aircraft first inducted in P.A.F in 1956. it has out lived its useful life.
for P.A.F its a burden

As for the Changdu F-7p it is around 20 yrs old. It is useful.

All the Mirages none of them was produced after the 70ts. Still a very useful aircraft due to the ingunity of Pakistani AIR FORCE.

Pakistan should building its training around the k-8 a highly capable aircraft a basic/advance trainer a must for P.A.F but still all our training requirments at the heigher end of the spactrum cannot be fulfilled

P.A.F needs the L-15 if co- produced at Kamra like the K-8 we can produce, modifiy, upgrade to our own requirement if possible with a meaningful radar & air to air/anti ship missiles .Chinese navy has chosen this air craft as its lead trainer,the L-15 is a twin engined half brother of the Yak -130.

L-15 can simulate Su-27 Mig-29,F-16 & the J-10B flight characteristics , will save lot of flight training time at the heigher end as most of P.A.F trainee pilots will be moving from K-8 To the L-15 & will graduate direct to a fighter sqdrn of J-10B or the F-16

Due to commonality of the RD33/93 engine of JF-17,Mig 29 and SATURN ALF-31 common engine of J-10B/Su-27 we may also see some of these(East-Europian-Chinese) Sukuhi,s and MIGS in P.A.F agressor sqrdns.

Pakistan should increase its inventory of the K-8 like of the Egyptian Air Force and should also induct L-15 in meaningful numbers

The L-15 won't replace K-8 in PAF, but rather the FT-5/6 in the LIFT role. The K-8 will eventually replace the T-37s.

i want paf with

200 j10b
350 jf17
50 f16
100 rafale

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