Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eurofighter Submit its Bid Price for IAF's MMRCA Order this month

European aerospace consortium Eurofighter GmbH will submit its bid price this month for hard-selling 126 of its advanced fourth generation fighters to the Indian Air Force (IAF), a top consortium official said Wednesday. Eurofighter completed the field evaluation trials of its medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) Typhoon in April. "We are submitting our bid to the Indian government for the IAF order later this month. The flight trials of the supersonic strike fighter have been successfully completed in two phases, which began in February," Eurofighter chief executive Enzo Casolini said.


Good opportunity for corroupt Indian army generals, I realy feel sory for poor low life Indians for such a waste of money.

In my opinion France's Rafale is going to get the contract...

intense AMERICAN LOBBY IN india and poor character of indian officials will push this contract for the least efficient F18 HORNET,i bet hornet will win.

the problem is not the aircraft!!!! rather the time!!!! if induction gets slow the IAF will have to look for older in use aircrafts!!!!
with these aircrafts IAF is more trained on russian aircrafts!!! induction of new aircraft will be diificult coz it takes time to induct a weapon system!!!

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