Monday, June 28, 2010

USA to Offer Both F-35B and F-35C for Indian Navy RFI for Carrier-Borne Fighters

Lockheed Martin Vice President Orville Prins said his company will offer the B and C model of the F-35 for the Indian Navy RFI on carrier-borne fighters.
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its good to see tat from now onwards India will have to do the same job as Pakistan is doing for USA.

Despite all the anti US, anti India and anti Pakistan comments from the children in this blog.
The F35 will be the most capable and advanced Carrier jet in the world. If India gets the F35 it will put them way ahead of China when China launches their Aircraft Carrier in the near future.

There will always be better toy/more expensive product in the market. The question is: does India NEED it?

Lockheed is quite desperate to look for new buyers to keep the F-35 order up.

Will it be the 'the most capable and advanced'? That is yet to be seen. IOTE for the type is still years away.

F35 is kind of failed project now the countries involved in the project are releasing it the dutch are already trying to back off from the project and the american are trying to some how sell the aircraft so that their orders don't sour down

This blog is owned by a Pakistani. He deletes all comments that are uncomfortable to pakistan and leaves the comments which are anti india in place. Even if it is pakistanis abusing india in very bad language, the blog owner has no problems in letting those posts intact.
The blog owner is violating the terms of usage and a complain has been made.

tera baap!!!!
bro dont worry !!! think u are new to this!!! me being a pakistani has the same issue that blog owner does not let pakistani reply to indians!!! but dont worry!!! the blog owner is right in his own way!!!
he wants productive discussions but we tend to make it nasty thats why in jan he restricted the use of anonymous people!!! u needed to have a user ID but hte fact is that asian defense is right,,,, he knows that if there are more comments going on in a blog that means something nasty is happening thats why he then reads the blogs himself and posts those which are adequate he even deleetes those which are in adequate messages!!!
for me i dont use asian defense as a blog but mostly use it as a knowledge platform coz u are updated with knowledge about weapon systems all around the world!!!! keep it up asian defense!!!

F-35 cannot overtake the T-50 which is in testing phase in RUSSIA (later to be a part of INDIAN navy and IAF) U.S. offering those junk F-35's which are inventry's to them are no use to INDIA.

anon at 2:09 pm
Couldn't agree more with you there. Rhetoric and hyper-nationality apart, what are the carrier based fighters in use around the world now? Ihe F/A-18 Hornets, Mig 29-Ks, Su-33s, Tejas(naval) (near future) plus a few likely naval variants of some in use European fighters. The F-35C Lightning II carrier variant is far superior to all of these aircraft even taking into account possible and planned upgrades to them in the near future.
There is no plan whatsoever to produce any naval variant of the PAK-FA or FGFA. The Russians are not interested, they have only one opeational carrier with Su-33s. In this scenario, the F-35 with the Indian Navy will rule the Indian Ocean if we go for it which we should.

mukherjee is right for some extent we should take the F-35s n rule the Indian ocean and send bak the chinese troops which are in the Bangla waters back to thier waters.

WHAT F-35 B\C can offer that is better than FGFA(naval version)?!?
Not to mention that FGFA will be India's own plane!
Buy F-35 to have it when??!!
After 2020 when all others already on waiting list receive their F-35's?!

On top FGFA (that is much BETTER plane) costs today as much as F-35!


Plans to produce naval PAKFA\FGFA were reiterated more than several times officially.
The plane (PAKFA) was even built to easier adapt on naval option!
MiG-29K is just 4+(+) generation transition from 4th generation to PAKFA\FGFA 5th generation.
Russia has REPEATEDLY announced intention to build up to 5 new air-carriers till 2025-30!
You sir are very ill informed person to lecture on the subject!

US such decision will bring the arms race in the region to new heights.

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