Wednesday, June 16, 2010

India and South Korea to Discuss Nuclear Deal‎

India and South Korea will discuss the contours of a bilateral civilian nuclear deal and map out steps to achieve a $30 billion trade when the foreign ministers of the two countries hold talks in Seoul on Friday. External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna will hold the sixth meeting of the joint commission with his South Korean counterpart Yu Myung-hwan on a wide range of issues, including expansion of economic, defence and cultural ties between the two countries. India has signed civil nuclear accords with seven countries - the US, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Argentina and Mongolia. India has finalised a nuclear deal with Canada, which is expected to be signed later this year.
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Good for South Korea.

They hate Stinky Pakis, just like the Indians, since the South Koreans know that Pakistan is a prostitute and proliferated nuclear Know-How to North Korea.

Let south korean experience the cheaters and lier indian by themselves.
As indian hindoes are opening their legs for us and other western countries after being screwed by Russia for years let north korean taste spicy hindo p...y as well.

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