Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pakistan Stares at India, India at the World

When a senior security official here was asked why Pakistan was not developing long-range missiles, unlike in India, his answer revealed how these two nuclear foes' geopolitical priorities may be diverging. "We don't have ambitions like India has, so we don't need to develop any further long-range missiles," he said. "Our missiles cover the entire India, so that's it." Indeed, India has raised eyebrows developing a new long-range missile with a capacity to hit most of China, a signal of how New Delhi's focus is tentatively moving away from an obsession with Pakistan to more global issues.


Pakistan should stare only at north India because its only north indian Hindoes who have not accept pakistan yet ohterwise north indian sikhs and south indians are very good and nice people and they have no problem with Pakistan.
Actually Talabans and North Indian Hindoes mind set is real threat to peace in south asia and to the world.

pakistan should stare at her northern provinces like baluchistan, before having an evil eye on others....North/South/East/West(As you told)..all of them are purely/beautifully interlaced under the fabric of one nation "India", I(most of us) never use to say, Ahh! they are south indians, north indians etc....All we know is that we are Indians...i.e. "Unity in Diversity"

I know the difference because i live abroad with my indian friends.
South indians are beautiful and peaceful nice people.
These are only north indians who are real trouble makers.

Yah!! You Know the difference then you might also know that how pakistanis were treated in west, and for ur kind information i am from south india....vande matram!!

If you are realy south indian than dont look towards pakistan through your north indian or western media propaganda but try to find out the truth meet real pakistanies. Pakistan is a country of 18 crore people only few lakhs are been sold out to western agencies and may be to alQaida and have become terrorists but they are not in majority and they can never won any election or make any government there.
You are right we are having a lot of problems my friend but never mind they cannot defeat crors of real pakistanies, they can kill thousands of us every day, they can destroy our girls school, they bomb our buildings, they can cowardly bomb our school buses but i garentee they can never ever defeat us or eliminate us.

@Anonymous 1:36 pm

Friend, May your wishes come true...

By the way, My Comments are not influenced by north indian or western media propaganda...Many north indians are my friend and they are really great three cheers to them and three cheers to india.

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