Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boeing Applies to Export F-15SE Silent Eagle to South Korea

Boeing has applied for an export licence to brief South Korea on sensitive details of a stealthier version of the F-15E that is within a few months of its first flight.The US government approved an export policy in the second quarter for the F-15SE Silent Eagle after Boeing submitted details of its radar cross-section about six months earlier, says Brad Jones, Boeing programme director for F-15 development programmes.
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boeing f-15se is old wine in new bottles,koreans fell for it.

Au Contraire Moose Breath Anonymous. A Stealthy F15 would be far superior to any other aircraft in Asia. Add to that the fact that Korea already operates the F15 and the Stealthy version makes a lot of sense. Korea could order twenty stealthy F15 jets followed later by the F35.

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