Monday, June 28, 2010

Mahindra & Mahindra to Start Manufacturing RG-31 Mine Protected Vehicle

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) and UK’s BAE Systems will soon start manufacturing the RG-31 — a mine-proof vehicle — in the country for the Indian Army and police forces operating in Maoist strongholds. Sources in M&M, which has entered the defence automotive business, said the automobile major was also looking at producing the FH77 B05 Advanced Howitzer, already in use in the country. BAE Systems has supplied 165 mine-proof vehicles to the Indian Army and another 600 to the US, UN and Canadian forces. The monocoque hull of the RG-31, made of welded armour steel, is supposed to protect occupants against anti-tank mines and has a modular interior layout. The vehicle can be configured as an armoured personnel carrier, ambulance and surveillance vehicle. The air-conditioned vehicle can carry up to 10 people.


How pity? India needs APCs to murder Maoist population. These people just want independence from New Delhi’s exploitive rule. India – being an artificial country and kept intact only through military force – has been denying their right of self-governance by getting freedom from India. Like many other insurgencies in strife and poverty stricken India, Maoists have been forced at gun point to be a part of India. As the time passed and Delhi’s exploitations progressed, these insurgencies were getting resilience and stronger to the point that Indian occupation forces are scared to enter Maoist areas. The world’s largest fake and sham democracy is now getting armed APS to keep those people enslaved and hold their lands. However, in this modern age, the gun power can not hold for long. The Indian army will have to leave Maoist areas in humiliation and 40% Indian districts are gone into a new country. Indian government still wants to waste money and fill the pockets of Mahindra & Mahindra just because that money came from Maoist people/areas to the Hindu suckers through exploitation of Maoist resources.

Just like Paki Sindhis, Baluchies and Pathans would like to secede from the Punjabi thugs raping rest of the Pakis.

Funny thing is, this Inbred Madrassa educated Paki is forgetting that 99.99% of Maoists are Hindus.

Yet first this inbred Paki calls them freedom fighters and supports their freedom, and then he disrespects them by calling them Hindu scum suckers.

80% of Pakis are mentally challenged, thus the birth of microsephallics is resulted.

A Nation begging others, while being raped by American Predator drones after despite having nuclear weapons.

Pakis are pussies, and pathetic

I guarantee 99% of Maoists hate PakiShitStan more than locals of Delhi.

After all, its because of these filthy inbred beggar Pakis, the government of India has to divert fund towards military strengthening, rather than economic development.

Pakis are dumb beggars. No wonder Afghans and Baluch are raping them daily.

Thank god to USA for daily melting 100 Paki civilians VIA hellfires

To Anon@June 28, 2010 11:14 AM:
At least India doesnt need F-16, tanks, attack helos and Predators to kill its people.
How would you describe a country with no administrative or military control over half the country - an artificial country.

well what can say i think every pakistani thinks that the situation in india is just like pakistan well let me tell u that the total maoist population do not even make 0.10 % of India's population and we don't have power cuts in the city and even our rural villages are better then pakistani cities there is a Pakistani guy in my college and he told me that in the cities there is only 4 hours power available so u see even our villages are better then ur city i guess so pls think before u say anything u ppl are listening to zahid hamid and getting mislead by him and by the way i am tamil and if zahid hamid thinking that tamil or the south india's are asking independence from india tell him to say that in front of any tamil or any southing indian

and well this is for tushar bro there are 6 core race of human kind and they are sub divided and its totally 18 race now so u see in india 3 major race of people live in india one is aryans, dravidians and the yellow race that lives in the easter part so you see pakistani are Persian race yes there is some of the Persian race in india too in hyderabad and in kashmir but they are very few in numbers and yes there is aryan race in pakistan too that why u see democracy there unlike Afghanistan so u see what i am trying to say and its not their fault man that they are always fighting if you see their history and our history u will see why our races are not interested in fights and why their races are too eager to fight i dont wanne go in deep bro but if u understand their history and our histroy situation then things will be simple to understand

Time to fuck Pakistan..............

One really should ask any Maoist if the Indian slumdog army is occupation army or their national army. Answer will be immediate even without a blink of eye: occupation brutal force. Maoists do not think them as a part of India. They want to get rid of Indian rule. Now who would believe this retard silly slumdog.

This retard does not even realize that the actual story is about getting APCs meant for killing Maoists. Indian army can not enter Maoist areas without APCs because the army does not belong to that land. Army wants to keep Indian hold while killing the inhabitants of that land. Even though I know your shit head is not supposed to work, but still filthy slumdog you need to try and tell me what else constitutes an occupation.

I am sure you already know that 26 members occupation forces were killed in an attack by Maoists. Do you, filthy slumdog, call that a friendly fire? It is actually called a rebellion for freedom. I know that a pig-headed silly slumdog still will not agree.

Now this filthy Paki won't look at his own situation.

Over 35,000 Paki soldiers have been killed in pakistan by insurgents since 2001.

Want me to provide you the sources, or should my word be enough.

If you look at this pure mathematically, the Pakis are already disintegrated.


30,000 Filthy mooslimes have been killed. ALLAH really loves Pakis

Filthy slumdogs never know the value of freedom. How on earth can you filthy bloody coward know the taste of real freedom? You have been ruled by others forever - a thousand years only by Muslims. We fight for our freedom. We defeated a super power that came in our neighborhood to hunt us down. We broke and disintegrated that power. It is now only in the history books. The other superpower have committed the same blunder. They came in with big plans. We’ll see how can they leave. Slumdogs are licking their feet of invaders while acting as rented filthy porters. But we are fighting for our freedom. Nations pay the price to safeguard their freedom and so do we. Just wait and let the evil powers get their ass kicked thoroughly before they abandon slumdogs. Then we’ll will kick you ass too. This time their will be no super power that could save your filthy ass. Slumdogs can bark at full throttle until then.

Looks like all filthy slumdogs ran to their filthier bitches. Where are these filthy creature hiding? I was just getting warmed up after reading all their shit coming out day and night non-stop. Hey filthy slumdogs? Where are you? Must be hiding in a slum! But I am sure these filthy slumdogs will reappear any time quietly. It is against their nature not shitting around. These filthy slumsdogs are more active in the dark. Don't forget 1965 when these slumdogs crossed international border to attack Pakistan with hope to have a drinking spree in Lahore Gymkhana. The plagued slumdogs could not cross bloody 10 miles in 17 days of war.

Melting Pakis? I enjoyed the imagery.

Only Pakis know what real freedom is. The freedom that is delivered by being molten by a hellfire.

Ruled by muzzies? Your ancestors were raped into Islamic submission. Pakstards are not the conquerors. Pakstards are the conquered, raped, humiliated and left for dead in the deserts.
You Pakroaches, however, manage to survive on scant American left overs.

To bookz
You seem to be another drunk filthy slumdog. A better suited name for you is booze. What the heck you have to do with bookz? Your stupidity is indicative of your slumdog nature - nothing to do with bookz. You better get a life. Come on, don't waste your little scarce mind on these silly writings. It is beyond your capability. Drink a lot of own mutra cola and try to be happy.

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