Friday, June 11, 2010

PAF is Installing DB-110/RAPTOR Night Vision System on its Fighter Jets

Pakistan Air Force in order to further enhance its capabilities has started installing DB-110/RAPTOR  Airborne Reconnaissance Pod with night vision capability on its fighter jets. According to military sources, PAF has enhanced its night reconnaissance capability by installing the DB-110 Airborne Reconnaissance Pod.

The DB-110 reconnaissance pod is a digital, real-time, tactical reconnaissance system designed to capture images in day or night, using electro-optical sensor technology. The pod can transmit Images via datalink to the ground in real time.

DB-110 is a long-range oblique sensor to provide long-range, medium range and short-range imaging systems to support standoff and penetrating missions. It can be operated autonomously, by the pod's reconnaissance management system. Imagery is viewed on the F-16's cockpit video display, enabling the pilot to verify targets and conduct tasks such as battle damage assessment. This system allows the pilot increased flexibility over current fielded systems.

The long-range telescope provides focal lengths of 110-inches and 55- inches in the EO and IR, respectively. A beam-splitter behind that telescope separates the visible and infrared wavelength energy. Independent relay optics focus this energy onto separate visible and infrared focal planes.

Picture shows a daytime visible wavelength image. The full scan is shown on the left,ranging in off-track range from 11 – 12 nm (near to far edge of scan). A full resolution enlargement of a region of interest is shown on the right. Vehicles are easily identified and people easily seen at this range.
The short-range optics are located on the opposite side of the long range telescope and consist of a 16-inch focal length EO and a 14-inch IR system. Each of these separate optics use the same focal planes as does the long-range system. In operation, either the long- or short-range system can be used. The roll gimbal rotates the DB-110 system 180o  to point the desired optic through the aircraft window.
Picture is collected at a further range, 16 nautical miles. In the enlarged image, people can still be recognized.
It is also in operation on the OP-3C aircraft flown by the Japanese Maritime Staff Office, Poland's newly procured F-16C/Ds (Peace Sky) and U.K. Royal Air Force Tornados.

According to military sources UAV 'FALCO' has also been updated and has been installed with forward locking infrared system, which will greatly help in operation against militants in Tribal Areas. PAF Mirage Jets have also been modified and installed with refueling system. -


Well done,Good job done, keep on doing hard work, all the best.

Thanks for the appreciation, glade that u liked it.

can they be fitted on thunders????
meaning how flexible is this system in regard to usage with aircrafts???
asian defense what do u think?

excellent job ASIAN DEFENCE,
and congratulatios for PAKISTAN air force.

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