Friday, June 18, 2010

China Defended its Civilian Nuclear Cooperation with Pakistan

China Thursday vowed to take its military ties with Pakistan to a new height and defended its nuclear cooperation with Islamabad to build two new reactors for the country. Gen Kayani heading a high level Pakistani military delegation is currently on visit to China.“Cooperation between the Chinese and Pakistani armed forces is exemplary and has been fruitful,” Liang said during the meeting.The Minister also said that the two countries should make continuous efforts to boost their joint defence programmes.

 His remarks assume significance as Pakistan and China are collaborating in the manufacture of advanced fighter aircraft.As the two countries were holding military level talks a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Qin Gang commenting on the US reaction on the deal, told reporters “China and Pakistan have maintained cooperation in recent years in the civilian use of nuclear energy.”

“This cooperation is in line with our respective international obligations and totally for peaceful purposes and under the safeguards and supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” Qin said.In Islamabad, the Foreign Office Spokesman said, Pakistan-China civilian nuclear cooperation is under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards and concerns, if any, are misplaced.


A very positive and right decesition by china as India is opening her legs for her new american lovers, it is must that china and pakistan should act together to keep the balance of power in the region.

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The great irony is that indians think that they are important wrt china. Indians have almost zero influence in the region. The region is divided between Pak and China now. Indians will off course cry as usual but to no avail. Welcome to the world of real politics is not bollywood or shinning india advert, but a nation dominated by a minority for a millennia.

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China will shit on Pakistan in the long run.

Bilateral trade with India and China is increasing by almost 20% yearly.

BY 2020, India and Chinas bilateral trade will be over 200$Billion dollars.

Pakistan on the other hand will still be bankrupt, and have a overall bilateral trade of some 40 Billion dollars.

Indias trade with just Malaysia will be bigger than Pakistans combined trade with all nations.

Only thing Pakistan can export are its Terrorists, and Prostitutes from Heera Mandi.

Now go dance Paki boy. Chinese Laugh at your ass.

They only use filthy Muslim Pakis as a counter weight to India.

But that is all changing.

the U.S will disarm Pakistan soon enough. Obamas speech last week said he is thinking of Unilaterally striking Pakistan.

The the Guardian is reporting, that special forces are training to cease control of Pakistans nuclear assets.


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Defying US is one thing but China cant violate a multinational agreement. If nuclear energy cooperation was so simple why did US and India took the pain for getting an exemption from NSG?

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