Sunday, June 13, 2010

IAI/ELTA Awarded a $57 million Contract to Supply its EL/M-2083 Radar

ELTA Systems Ltd., a group and subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI/ELTA) has been awarded a $57 million (USD) contract from a foreign customer to supply its Long Range Air Defense Radar EL/M-2083. The radar is installed on a tethered aerostat and enhances early warning capabilities.

Surface-based radars have limited line-of-sight to low flying airborne platforms, so in order to achieve longer detection range, the radar is installed at high altitude, using tethered aerostats or an aircraft.

IAI's Corp. VP and ELTA President Nisim Hadas said: "IAI/ELTA has proven experience in aerostat-based air defense radar, and we are pleased that the customer has chosen us for this program. This contract will allow us to demonstrate our capabilities and unique technologies, and we are confident our customer will benefit from our systems."

IAI/ELTA develops and manufactures a variety of air defense radars on a variety of platforms – ground, air, and sea.



to be "installed on a tethered aerostat."

Wow! Way to go.

Like this, i would imagine:

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