Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hull of the second Project 1135.6 frigate built for Indian Navy to be launched on June 23

Hull of the second Project 1135.6 frigate built for Indian Navy will be launched on June 23 from slipways of Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad).

"The shipwrights are completing last preparations for launch the hull of frigate Tarkash (stands for "Quiver") which is the second in series being built for Indian Navy", reported Interfax citing Sergei Mikhailov, the shipyard's press secretary. He underlined that "this event will become another evidence that Yantar masterfully executes the important contract between Russia and India in the area of military industrial cooperation".

According to him, the yard actively works on the first frigate Teg (stands for "Saber") which was launched in Dec 2009. The work on the hull of third frigate Trikand (stands for "Bow") is also in progress at the shipyard's slipways.

"Building of these three ships is a principal task for the yard which is being thoroughly performed by whole staff of Yantar", S. Mikhailov said.Delivery of the frigates to the orderer is scheduled in 2011-2012. The shipbuilding contract of three frigates was signed on July 14, 2007 in Delhi; its overall cost is about $1.6 bln.

Yantar shipyard is specialized in building of various warships and civil vessels with launching weight up to 10,000 tons; and also in ship-repair works. Totally, the yard has built over 100 large and about 400 small ships, and repaired over 430 vessels.


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