Thursday, June 17, 2010

Indian Army training 50,000 men to tackle Naxals

The government may have decided not to draft it for the anti-naxal offensive, but the Indian Army has started preparing for the possibility of being called upon to tackle what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calls India's gravest internal security threat. Army Headquarters has drawn up a plan to keep about 50,000 soldiers - approximately 5 divisions - in readiness to help the civilian authorities deal with the growing Naxal threat.
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What a joke cowarad Indian army and a fight with Naxals, they must be day dreaming and shiitting in their nappies.
These Naxals are really brave people and the coward slumdogs can only bark and thats all they can do
barking barking and more barking.

Low life Slumdogs

shut your mouth porki paki.....atleast they(Indians) don`t rape their own country like , what you pakistanis do by allowing americans to bomb your own country.

Sory if it hurts but unfortunately that is a fact, Indians were cowards are cowards and will remain cowards and they can only bark with their loud lier mouths.
Sory about that

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