Friday, June 18, 2010

ROKAF F-5F Fighter Jet Crashes

Two crewmembers of an F-5F fighter jet were killed Friday as the aging jet crashed into waters off the country’s west coast during a routine training mission. The Air Force immediately suspended operations of its fleet of F-5. It was the second accident involving the F-5 in three months. In March, two F-5 aircraft plunged into a mountain in the eastern part of Gangwon Province. Three pilots were killed in the crash.

The F-5E aircraft took off from an airbase in Gangneung at around 9:43 a.m. for an air-to-ground strike mission and was returning to base, according to an Air Force spokesman. The jet disappeared from radar screens at around 10:33 a.m., he said. Search-and-rescue helicopters later found the bodies of the two pilots. The helicopters continued searching for debris, said the spokesman.


Geez.... Apparently the T50-for-F5 replacement program is underway but not quite fast enough.

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