Friday, June 18, 2010

ADA is Set to Start Negotiations for LCA Tejas Engines

The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) is set to start commercial negotiations with aircraft engine makers Eurojet Turbo GmbH and General Electric Aviation for 99 aircraft engines for the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas.The new engine will power the Mark II variant of the Tejas, which currently runs on F-404 engines made by GE. An upgraded and more powerful Kaveri engine is being seen initially as a replacement engine for the first batch of Tejas aircraft, Subramanyam added. “Every aircraft in its lifetime needs two replacements. Some of those engines are already looking for that. By the time Kaveri gets developed and demonstrated, those engines can start coming as replacement engines for the first 20, 40 (aircraft),” he said. “There is full scope of what their profile is. It is very clear in our mind. The Kaveri engine profile for the next 30 years has a very strong dovetailing into the LCA programme,” he added.
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flop aircraft by any standards,too little too late would have been great if inducted 10 years back

@ Anonymous 4:10

Ahh! I think the article is about LCA, and not about your chinese JF(joint fuck) - 17 aircraft.

JF-17 can observed closely at the Farnborough airshow this year. Yes PAF are bringing two planes....i think they will be doing a flying demo as well. Wonder what LCA will be doing int he meantime? I guess trying to find an engine that will make it fly.

well J17 should not be even compared to LCA J17 is based on proven no doubt its a good aircraft but LCA has innovative tech in it, it has got far better avionics and tech then J17 and j17 has better manuverabliity but after the LCA opts for EJ200 engine's things might change and well i know ever pakistani ranges when he hears that J17 is based of mig 21 frame and LCA is based on mirage based frame but let me tell u mig 21 was a one damn good plane so there is nothing wrong in that and by the way the development of LCA mostly indigenously and J17 was based on mig 33 which the russian scrapped in the designing stage because they didnt feel the need of those aircraft in the airforce and even china took experties of russia while designing the aircraft and its was completely built in china so how can u guys tell its an indigenous aircraft if that is indigenous that su30 MKI is also indigenous because it is also a JV with india

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JF-17 bandar is made of aluminium sheets imported from cheena. even the ribbet is from cheena.
Pakis don't even have the technology to build a bicycle chain, and they will "co-design" something like a 3rd gen JF-17.
China, Bangladesh are not going to buy even one aircraft.
Pakis will have a nice time maintaining this aircraft 10 years from now, when the production line in china closes.
Some countries who are as bankrupt as Pakistan are showing some interest, but they all like Pakistan want china to finance the planes on soft loans. LOL.
Currently pakis don't have the money to order beyond the 50 that they have ordered, and china is wanting some money back from the first 50 before it gives any further loans.

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