Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Generation Submarine for the Russian Fleet

Russia is facing a very challenging task to modernize its naval forces. To achieve this, the country’s experts are working on a program for military and civil ship building. To launch a series of Severodvinsk-class submarines is one of the priorities of this program, the President Dmitry Medvedev said attending the official float-out ceremony at the port of Severodvinsk.The fourth generation Severodvinsk, the Yasen (Graney) class submarine, was built at the Sevmash shipyard. Graney class nuclear submarines are designed to launch a variety of long-range cruise missiles with nuclear warheads, and effectively engage submarines, surface warships and land-based targets. The new submarine's armament includes 24 cruise missiles, and is also equipped with eight torpedo launchers, as well as mines and anti-ship missiles such as SS-N-16 Stallion.
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