Monday, June 28, 2010

IAF Gets Feel of PAF’s Most Modern F-16 Block 52 Fighter Aircraft

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has got a feel of Pakistan’s most modern fighter aircraft during a multi-nation exercise in France even before the aircraft have been delivered to the Pakistani Air Force (PAF). Later this week, Pakistan will get its most modern fighter aircraft when the US delivers the first four of the advanced Block 52 F 16 aircraft as part of a deal to upgrade its military. However, the IAF has sparred with the Block 52 version of the fighter — which is considered to be a generation ahead of the existing F 16 fleet of the PAF — during Exercise Garuda that is currently underway at the Istres Air Base in France. The IAF, which has deployed its SU 30MKI fighters for the exercise, has conducted aerial duels and joint missions to fully gauge the capabilities of the ‘enemy’ fighter. Pakistan is to get 18 of the Block 52 versions of the F 16 fighters under a deal with the US.

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hey guys check this blog out

True. IAF is actually quite familiar with what F26 Block 50/52 can and cannot do.

its not about what an aircraft can do or not do !!! its the pilot which matters and the tactics which u apply to a war situation!!!! PAF has adapted to every scenario since it was made!! it took on indians,, israelis,, soviets ,, etc!!! the days of 71 are gone when all the info was leaked out to the indians when we were attacking and what is our countering strategy!!! things have changed!!!! dont get me wrong iam not underming the indians but the fact is that dont hink of us as IRAQ or palestine!!!

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