Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Greece Cancels "Minoas 2010" With Israel Over Attack

Greece on Monday called off a joint air force exercise with Israel after Israeli commandos stormed a flotilla bound to the Gaza Strip, leaving at least nine dead and several injured in an operation condemned as a "massacre."Witnesses said the violent incident occurred when Israeli soldiers, ferried to the flotilla by military helicopters, landed on a Turkish boat leading the convoy before opening fire on civilians.Moments later, Greece, a long-time NATO rival, called off a joint air force exercise with Israel. The war-games -- codenamed Minoas 2010 -- were due to run through June 3, featuring simulated air combat and attacks on ground forces.


Which of the Israeli's military operation throughout history did not cause a diplomatic firestorm for the moment?

From Operation Opera to Operation Entebbe to Operation Wooden Leg to Operation Orchard.

They are bold, daring and more often than than not, necessary in retrospect. When it comes to military forces, be restrained when you decide whether to use it; be decisive when you use it.

5 of the 6 ships in the flotilla were captured without incident; the sixth (MV Mavi Marmara) is a 4,100 GT cruise. The operation is an unfortunate but necessary evil; things could have been far worse.

fuck israel,
AFTER THIS SHAMEFULL ACT BY ISRAEL WE STAND WITH IRAN SAYING FROM THE BEGINNING THAT ISRAEL AND AND ARE THE WORST ENEMY OF HUMAN RIGHTS,eg.israel in palestine and india in kashmir.wake up whole world after all one day you all have to give answer to your GOD what will you say,
and for your information it was not nine dead it was 20 dead.

Its sad that so many lives were lost but some things have to be done.Its always better to act then react.

True. i give BOTH sides the credit for holding their grounds.

Condolences to those and families of those killed or hurt during the operation.

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