Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Indian Army Oficers Suspected to be in Espionage Racket

NIA is now probing the possible involvement of other Army officers in “supplying” the highly classified data to the Major.The scope of the NIA probe is being widened for two reasons. First, most of the 2,500 files recovered from Major’s personal computer related to commands other than his own, such as Western and Northern Commands, and put out strategic details such as deployment patterns and operational contingency plans. There is no way a Major, that too posted with the Andamans and Nicobar tri-service command, would have access to such information. Though the CFSL did recover the nearly 2,500 files deleted by the Major before the hard disk was seized, it has been unable to trace back the nearly 600 files that were deleted “in a far more professional manner” while the Major was still being questioned by the Army.


Well, it seems unbelievable. It may be a result of internal rift that is not very uncommon in Indian army. The whole story looks fake. Someone going through ISI computers and then informing Indian counterpart. Come on, it does not make sense. What the heck CIA got out of all that. They would rather try to recruit the major as a mole for serving them and all get those files and much more. And only a major had so many files on his laptop. And delted files even even after being in the safe custody of investigators. A big game is being played off in Indian military. Once more, their favorite target in the blame game is ISI. Who can then believe? At least the story should make a sense.

Sounds like Bull. CIA would be angry to have their name splashed on papers. It would come back to haunt them.

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