Friday, June 4, 2010

China's J-15 Carrier-Based Fighter is Inferior to Russian Su-33 fighter: Russia

China's J-15 carrier-based fighter will not be able to compete with Russia's Su-33 fighter on global markets because it is inferior to the Russian aircraft, a Russian military analyst said on Friday.

China since 2001 has been developing the J-15 naval fighter, which is believed to be a clone of Russia's Su-33 Falcon-D. China bought an Su-33 prototype earlier from Ukraine, and used it to develop the new aircraft.The J-15 is expected to be stationed initially onboard the Chinese Varyag aircraft carrier currently being fitted in the port of Dalian. China bought the unfinished Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier from Ukraine in 1998.

"The Chinese J-15 clone is unlikely to achieve the same performance characteristics of the Russian Su-33 carrier-based fighter, and I do not rule out the possibility that China could return to negotiations with Russia on the purchase of a substantial batch of Su-33s," said Col. (Ret.) Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Defense Ministry's Public Council.

The Su-33 is a carrier-based multi-role fighter, which can perform a variety of air superiority, fleet defense, air support and reconnaissance missions. The aircraft entered service with the Russian Navy in 1995 and are currently deployed on board the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

Korotchenko said China was unlikely to solve technical problems related to the design of the folding wings and to develop a reliable engine for the aircraft, although the first J-15 prototype reportedly made its maiden flight on August 31, 2009, powered by Chinese WS-10 turbofan engines.China and Russia had been in negotiations on the sale of the Su-33 Flanker-D fighters to be used on future Chinese aircraft carriers since 2006, but the talks collapsed over China's request for an initial delivery of two aircraft for a "trial."

Russian Defense Ministry sources confirmed that the refusal was due to findings that China had produced its own copycat version of the Su-27SK fighter jet in violation of intellectual property agreements.In 1995, China secured a $2.5-billion production license from Russia to build 200 Su-27SKs, dubbed J-11A, at the Shenyang Aircraft Corp.

The deal required the aircraft to be outfitted with Russian avionics, radars and engines. Russia cancelled the arrangement in 2006 after it discovered that China was developing an indigenous version, J-11B, with Chinese avionics and systems. The decision came after China had already produced at least 95 aircraft.Last year, Russia refused again to sell the Su-33 to China even after Beijing had offered to buy 14 of them, saying that at least 24 jets should be sold to recoup production costs.
RIA Novosti


The Chinese J15 is probably inferior to the Russian Su33. However, if China can put the Varyag Carrier out to sea with a squadron of J15 Jet Fighters onboard. And the J15 is roughly equivalent to India Mig 29 carrier jets. Then China has made a huge leap forward in Naval Power.

Chinas garbage copy of a Su-33 is nowhere near the Mig29K.

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filthy chink and Paki Mujra are the only beggars.

China beggs the US to allow Chinese exports of Toys, while the Paki Mujras are being raped after dancing for Baloch, Pusthun and American Kings.

Pakistan, the only nuclear power in the world being bombed by another country on its own soil.

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It is obvious that the Chinese plan to have an Aircraft Carrier task force with the 'Varyag' carrier and indiginous Su33 clone carrier jet fighters. The US and it's asian allies should be proactive not reactive to this coming event. The US should loan at least six AV8 Harrier jump jets to Thailand, Japan and South Korea. These jets would be used to train these counties carrier ships to operate STOVL fighter jets proir to the availability of the F35 jump jet version on the market. If these asian counties decided to buy the F35 then they would already be prepared to operate them on their carriers. The F35 will be superior the the jets operated on the Chinese Carrier and will help keep a balance of power in asia.

Well, J15 is in existence, Chinese will improve their weakness. Where as, Indian are not making any Mig 29 or SU 33, they are buying it, thats makes ya big difference isn’t it, why Tulsar getting mad. Wake up kido?

well perhaps china is atlest is trying for getting a naval aircraft but i am sure that chinese are not happy with the J15 and they will definitely go for su 33 sooner or later but the problem is russian are not read to provide them that tech as they are excepting a better offer from chinese side they want china to atlest but a good number of aircraft china offered to buy 14 aircraft but the russian are looking to sell around 35 atlest and mig29 k is some what as good as su 33 so if the production line shutdown for su33 then chinese has to go for mig29 k at the end i guess

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