Thursday, March 11, 2010

3,320 Bulletproof Jackets Lying Unused in PIA's Warehouse

Around 3,320 bulletproof jackets had been lying unused in warehouse of PIA at BenazirInternational Airport in Islamabad for the last three months due to the pending matter of storage fee with the PIA.These bulletproof jackets are being sought for the NWFP police to protect their personnel from frequent terror attacks in the province. These bulletproof jackets were brought into Pakistan in December last year, at a cost of 2.1 million dollars by the United States. US authorities are paying monthly storage fee of 1,800 dollars for the jackets to PIA.

So far PIA has refused the request of NWFP government and NWFP police are seeking waiving of the charges which exceed 10 million rupees.NWFP police have written a letter to federal interior ministry requesting to help resolve the issue as NWFP police is not in a position to pay these charges. PIA says that it cannot waive off storage charges because PIA has made expenditures over it.


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