Friday, March 19, 2010

Pakistan Returns Free Helicopters to US

Less than a year ago, the United States rushed four Russian-built Mi-17 helicopters to Pakistan after an urgent request from the country's senior leadership. Now those helicopters, which were offered at no cost to the government of Pakistan, are being returned to the United States after a serious crash that resulted in at least one fatality...................................Full Story


Good decision, Pakistan should go for Cobras.

bad decision. Beggars can't be choosers.

Well said, Beggars meaning Pakis, can't be choosers, especially when they live of the money in their Beggar Bowls which they obtained through Begging and selling their mothers and sisters as target practice for American Predator UCAVS firing HellFires in the NWFTP area.

u mother fucker tushar u know ur mom suck pakis dicks day in a day out pisss drinkin cock worshiping mother fuckin indians

Sister fucking is not a bad word in Pakistan. The whole cuntry is a collection of behenchods.

Interesting how pakistan is being bombed left right and center by all and sundry, its leaders go around the world with begging bowls in their hands, yet the country has the inflated sense of self-righteousness to 'return' these helicopters.

Why doesn't pakistan return those free F-16s and those P3Cs for a change?


Divine, nice to hear from you again. These paki beggars are a waste of time. They love to get slapped over and over, that is why they keep coming back.

@tushar baboon kid better hold urself remember one one thing baboon can never king of jungle only loin can rule it sorry kid if all the countries on this planet earth eliminated then even still u baboons can never be super power look ur history u baboons fuck by outsider ur jod is dance and cry bacha jumora entertain ur new master thats it cry baboon cry

Tushar, will you stop making cheap comments for the sake of god, or your going to get the author or administrator to remove our blogs again.

Dude, whats with all this crap of cursing goin on. Are you u all god damn bastards or did u wake up on the wrong side of the bed!!!!!

And Tushar, Divine, fuk both of you
are damn knuckleheads who allow shit thats on ur newspapers and ed. to det to ur over-patriotic heads.

And Kahloon u Jamaican?

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