Friday, March 12, 2010

Saudi Arabia to Purchase Atleast Two Additional Squadrons of F-15s

The Middle East newsline has confirmed that Saudi Arabia has advanced in negotiations to purchase a fighter jet from the United States.The Saudi leadership, in wake of receiving the first Eurofighters, has been examining the U.S.-built F-15 for a procurement contract in 2010. They said Saudi Defense Minister Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz has supported the prospect of an additional purchase of at least two squadrons of F-15s in a deal that could top $5 billion.“The assessment is that the Royal Saudi Air Force requires a platform that it is comfortable with, yet much more advanced than those it now operates,” an industry source said.The Saudi air force operates about 150 F-15s, purchased in the 1970s and 1990s. The sources said Riyad has been briefed on the option to develop a stealth version of the F-15E.The Saudi leadership has insisted on guarantees that any F-15 order would undergo accelerated production and delivery.“Saudi Arabia is one of the largest customers for U.S. defense goods, and officials said they expect that all of these matters and more will be on the table during the meetings,” the Defense Department said in a statement on March 10...................................................................Bulletin


Heard that Riyad is keen to finance Silent Eagle's RDT&E.

saudia arabias weapons are useless,when they are attacked they shamlessly call usa,like a child crying for its mother.

Such a simple minded observation, resembling that of a child on world affairs that he barely understands.

well. saudi arabia called the us in 1990 because saddam husain had one of the largest armies at the time. but now saudies got the ability to defence it self against much advanced countries and israel is one of them ;)

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