Monday, March 29, 2010

India inked Rs 11,600-crore Agreement for Induction of Brahmos into IAF

Aiming to provide the country’s defence with an extra edge, the government last week inked a Rs 11,600-crore agreement that will pave the way for formal induction of the Brahmos missile into the Indian Air Force (IAF), besides giving two more regiments of the supersonic land attack system to the Army.While the missile is already in service with the Navy and Army, this is the first time that a surface-to-surface version of the missile will be inducted into the IAF. This will give the IAF a cutting edge over adversaries in the region and will arm it with the capability of taking out enemy radars and other air defence installations without even sending fighters across the border.Top sources said the multi-crore agreement with Brahmos Aerospace, a joint venture between the DRDO and Russian company, would enable factory production of advanced versions of the cruise missile that can be launched from aircraft, submarines, ships and land. Capable of attaining speeds between 2.5 and 2.8 mach, Brahmos missiles have a range of about 290 kilometres. “In the next couple of years, we will have different versions of the Brahmos in all the three services,” sources said................................Indianexpress


Pakistan should navilize its Shaheen series of its Shaheen 1 and II solid fuel missiles as Air craft carrier slayers.These two missiles have a S.E.P of 30 to 50 meters can be adapted as AIRCRAFT CARRIER Slayers

The Shaheen-II is an medium range ballistic missile (MRBM), a longer ranged variant of the Shaheen-I missile and currently the most advanced ballistic missile in service with the military of Pakistan. It uses a two-stage solid propellant rocket motor designed to carry conventional or nuclear payloads. The missile is stated to have a CEP of 50 m, achieved through the use of a post separation booster to provide terminal course correction. [4] It is transported and launched by a 6-axle transporter erector launcher (TEL).
Pakistan with a little ingenuity can adapt both missiles as Indian Aircraft carrier slayer.This can be an effective answer to the Brahmos Missile

Shaheen is the green painted north korean no dong missile which is the ding dong missile of pakistan.

SS, the correct terminology is CEP not SEP. The problem with the ding dongs is that there is no sureity that the missile will take off and not blow up, CEP comes later. North koreas missiles are very poorly constructed, with poorer metullergy than the chinese. There is no way that pakistan which has again as poor metullergy know how as north korea could have improved.

And what navigation do these ding dongs have for you to start claiming 50 m CEP? Unless there is optical or radar scene corelation backed by ring laser gyros and GPS or star sensor course correction this is not possible. The chinese, Indians, Americans, Russians and the french are the only ones who have these techs.

Purely by conventional gyro inertial navigation you are looking at a 500 meters to a few Km odd of CEP IF the missile manages to fly 1000 km.

Getting the perspective right doesn't hurt now does it?

Correct spelling is Rodong 1, which Egypt, Iran and Pakistan have obtained from North Korea.

It is already recorded by C.I.A officials that North Korean missles are very weak, thus cannot even be counted as guided ballistic missle, rather, just modified Scud Missles.

Pakistan doesn't even have satellites period.....

Let alone defence/military satellites like India to Guide its Missles, both Cruise and Ballistic towards moving targets.

How will Pakistan guide its Ballistic missleS? Google Earth?


First show us and by us I mean the world, a video or even a picture of a Pakistani Missle hitting its target, and then go and talk about aircraft killers.


also 11.6 crorers is $2.3 Billion U.S dollars.

Thats almost half of Pakistan defence budget and 1/3rd of of the Pakistans aid package, the kerry lugar bill, without which Pakistan would die.

Pakistan is poor, and can't compete with India.

Just last month, Posco announced a 12$ Billion dollar plant in India.

Japan in 2009 and current 2010 has invested more FDI (foreign Direct Investment) in India, than in China.

Even Malayasia is stating that by 2015, India-Malaysia bilateral trade will hit a whopping 50$ Billion Dollars.

Forget about Indias Freetrade with E.U worth at over 400$ Billion, FTA with japan worth over 200$ Billion and finally FTA with ASEAN worth 300$ Billion

Even Turkey wants a FTA with India by the end of this year !!

Where Pakistan in all of this? Where are your trusted allies?

China has like a 3$ Billion dollar trade with Pakistan, While with India, the Chinese are almost at $80 Billion.

Its only growing.

Pakistan is bankrupt, and nobody wants to do business with Pakistan, not even its allies.

Rather, they rather invest and be invested by India.

Beggar Paki

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