Sunday, March 21, 2010

Indian Army to Hunt for Heavy Machine Guns

NEW DELHI: The Army has launched a hunt for heavy machine guns (HMGs), which can fire high-explosive, incendiary and armour-piercing rounds at a rapid clip, to further boost the high-volume firepower of its infantry battalions. Floating a global RFI (request for information) for armament majors, the Army wants the tripod-mounted 12.7mm HMGs to have an effective range of over 2,000-metre and be capable of firing over 450 rounds per minute. At present, while the over 350 infantry battalions (each with 800-1,000 soldiers) in the 1.13-million strong Army are equipped with assault rifles and anti-tank guided missiles, light and medium machine guns, rocket and grenade launchers, they do not have modern HMGs. .....................................Tmes of India


ha ,what a joke, one of the worlds largest army does not have a HMG.even small nations are better equipped than indian armmy.

good huntin.

I also support Brucey's comment.

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