Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pakistan to get 14 more F-16 jets from US

The US has agreed to give 14 more F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said on Saturday. Briefing the media at the air headquarters, Suleman said the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was ready to thwart any internal or external threat. He said an air exercise now under way would continue till May 10. "Its sole purpose is to ensure the country's security," the Online news agency quoted him as saying. He said the US had agreed to give 14 F-16 jets in addition to the 18 it was committed to. Pakistan will also participate in a joint exercise with the US, he said. He added that the air force had not asked the US for drone technology and that it would develop it on its own.................................Times of India

Pakistan is negotiating with the United States to buy 14 additional F-16 fighter planes, Pakistan defence officials said on Sunday, following talks aimed at reversing tempestuous ties between the allies.The United States and Pakistan have agreed to fast-track pending Pakistani requests for military equipment as the two step up security cooperation, Pakistan's foreign minister said on Wednesday during a high-profile visit to Washington.A senior Pakistani defence official told Reuters that Pakistan was asking for 14 new F-16 planes. “Talks are underway and we're hoping to get them at a low price,” the official, who requested not to be identified, said.Pakistan is an important US ally in the battle against al Qaeda and the Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan...........................................Dawn


14 more eh.

Well good luck to all yo Paks out there in droppin bombs on terrorists.

thanks orc
but this year its a resting year maybe next year we go after terrorists!!!!
i believe PAF can induct 2 more because pakistan had an option for 18 more so 2 more will be also good!!! but it will be great to see these aircrafts in PAK skies!!!! 74 F16 32 block 52+ and rest will be MLU with OCU making it as good as a block 52 aircraft!!!!! and 1000 JDAM kits thats a great thing to add in PAF inventory!!!!!!
i have also been talking to pilots they were saying that during himark airforce is really taking thunders to new extremes !!!!!

thunder roars in the sky during hi mark 2010,god bless our pilots.
long live PAKISTAN,

how many Paki women have been sold to American Soldiers for these Jets?

Maybe this is compensation for all those Predator drones firing missiles indiscriminately at Pakistan civilians.


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