Friday, March 12, 2010

India is 10-15 years Behind China in Missile Technology: China

A Communist Party-backed Chinese newspaper has quickly refuted a top Indian scientist’s claims that India’s ballistic missile defence technology is superior to that of China. India is 10-15 years behind China in missile technology, Chinese Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong was quoted saying on the Global Times front page on Friday.The report was prominently reproduced across the Chinese media. “India’s technology for its measurement and control system, which is used to trace launched missiles, remains at a very low level, and they are unable to constitute a complete and reliable missile defense system,” Zhang said.He was reacting to claims of India’s superior missile technology by V K Saraswat, who heads the Defence Research and Development Organisation..........................................HindustanTimes


Isn't that a little too obvious?

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"India Embraces Russia Arms"

Whether it be true or not, China is at odd working alone when India and Russia combine resources to counter PRC's geopolitical expansion/ambition.

"China will be the ghost in the room," wrote analyst.,0,7959861.story

Indian Scientists should stop making such crap Claims. China is giant and already possess the Missiles which we will start testing in coming years.

Russia sells raw materials to China and since collapse of Soviet Union helped modernise Chinese military. Good friends the Russians are.

Dont forget the JF 17 engine, that plane is likely to be exported to egypt.

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