Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Israel Air Force Training Unit to Reach Skies Without Leaving Ground

The Israel Air Force is set to launch a new squadron to conduct complex training missions without a single airman or jet leaving the ground. The new unit will run all of the IAF's flight simulators, and in two years will inaugurate a tactical simulator allowing eight fighter pilots - and two others posing as enemy pilots - to run training drills simultaneously.The IAF has operated flight simulators for over 30 years, mostly to train aircraft squadrons on procedures to be taken in the event of emergency or inclement weather. Once every few months, each flight squadron must undergo simulated emergency-training drills to meet military safety regulations. A pilot who fails any such drill cannot continue serving in regular duty until retaking and passing the exam. ..........................................Haaretz


This raises an interesting question: which aspect of pilot training could be done on the ground & which part should still be done in the air.

Of course, the Israeli (IDF) knows the best.

palestinians watch out!!!!!!!!

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