Friday, March 19, 2010

Indian Army faces Massive Shortage of Officers

The approval of the Union Government to open a second Officers' Training Academy (OTA) at Gaya in Bihar marks a major step to solve the problem of shortage of officers in the country.The new academy will function on the similar lines as one that exists in Chennai. Initially the new Officers Training Academy at Gaya will commence the training of 250 cadets, but in due course of time it will be upgraded to its full design capacity to train 750 short-service commission officers annually.At present the Indian Army has two training institutions; one, at the Indian Military Academy ,(IMA) Dehradun that annually churns out permanent commission officers. The other is Short Service Commission officers that are produced at the Officers Training Academy at Chennai. IMA gets its cadets from the tri-Service National Defence Academy (NDA) at Khadakwasla, which is open to youngsters after class XII, as well as through the `direct entry' route open to college graduates.The Officers Training Academy at Chennai is open to college graduates only are also struggling for students. In both the institutions students have to clear a very comprehensive test and this include physical endurance test as well.......................................globalpolitician


Because Indian is basically a nation of cowards to join army.

Yes, those same Indian cowards defeated pakistan in every war, and especially in the 1971 war, they humiliated the beggar Pakis by causing the following damages.

The Indians Killed 9,000 Beggar Paki Soldiers,

Left 4,350 Beggar Paki soldiers wounded,

Captured 97,368 Beggar Paki soldiers,BBC on youtube has the actuall footage os 100,000 Paki soldiers Hog Tied in India, begging for mercy.

Sank 2 Destroyers,

1 Minesweeper,

1 Submarine,

3 Patrol vessels,

7 Gunboats,

Destroyed Karachi Harbour refuelling docks,

and Last But not least, those Cowards Indians carved out a New nation out of Pakistan, Called Bangladesh.

I'm amused by the comments of these retarded inbred madrassa educated Pakis.

Are you RAW? very accurate states terrorism history.
so What happens at Indian Chinese border.
Indian air force they can hire Pakistan retired Officer. They are still ton ton Iron buddy. You guys don't need further war, it would be disaster for India. Just fly those costly toys and be happy. President Nixon said to Chinese premier look this bitch asking for help,why she has invaded the east Pakistan. Indian couldn't have done it without help of Brave east Pakistani Air force. Let see try again.

Shawn dear,
don't you like your muslim pakistani name? Why hide behind your 'english' name?
I suppose Shawn = Salim or sharif or shit something.

Your madarssa education comes out clearly in what you write.

Tushar dear,
Nice to hear you are a Raa agint. You must be from those 10000000 counsulates on the af-pak border


Naaaa none of those reasons, its just that the economy is booming in India and low paid salaries of army cant compete to the service sectors.

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