Monday, March 29, 2010

U.S. hopes to give Pakistan drones within a year

The Pentagon aims to deliver a fleet of surveillance drones to Pakistan within a year, but weaponized versions of the unmanned aircraft are still off-limits, a U.S. military official said on Monday.U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced plans in January to provide Islamabad with what aides said at the time were 12 Shadow drones, aiming to boost its ability to track insurgents.But a senior U.S. military official, briefing reporters at the Pentagon on the condition of anonymity, said Islamabad was still weighing whether Shadow drones were the model of unmanned aircraft best suited to its needs."We looked at Shadows. We looked at Scan Eagles and other tactical UAVs that are out and about and what we want to do is try to find out" which model is best, the official said, referring to drones as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs.Pakistan is already using some non-U.S., imported drone technology and has modified a C-130 military transport aircraft to allow some surveillance activities, the official said.......................Reuters


Drones for the Paks eh,

Well, by reading the headlines, the drones are probably free,

so the so-called schemes the Paks set came out alright,

man, I can't believe that ol' red white and blues actually are given the Paks drones.

Wait..... hold on ...... U.S. hopes to give...... what the hell does that supposed to mean???
Will the U.S. give it to 'em or not?

This is the shadow drone, a small unarmed drone. pakistan already makes the italian drone which the pakistan calls uqab, which is more advanced than the american drone.

This drone is of the level of the DRDO's Nishant UAV. No groundbreaking technology on this one, nothing that china can benefit from.

In fact china has more advanced drones, equivalent to pakistan's two national birds predator and reaper.


Pakistan is more intrested in drone technology Its own programme to produce an armed drone is in an advance state.Americans can help by providing Hellfire missiles for Pakitani drones

I wonder of the two Predator and Reaper, which should be the ideal national bird of pakistan?

Why don't we ask the pakistanis which bird they prefer to go to meet theri 72?

So pakistanis, please tell us which national bird you all prefer Preadtor or Reaper?

any bird is good!!!! first it was sabre then fighting falcon ...anything which fucks india is our national bird!!!!

Dear Suar Jihadi,

I am glad that you don't take sides and prefer the love and affection of either.

After all the hellfires falling on the pakistanis are FREE.

your airforce and army doesn't have the gaand me dum to take out those drones. you can only yell from the rooftops in frustration.


Bahahah, thats some funny shit Divine.

These beggars are being blown up daily by US Drones firing hellfires, and they still have the nerve to begg the U.S for pennies.

Bahahahah WOW, Pakis are pathetic beggar prostitutes

but they r getting them for free thats what matters ,pakistan is into the habbit of gettig free it can be anything, even a missile being tested free in pakistan they r happy

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