Friday, March 26, 2010

U.S. and Pakistan Agree to Reinforce Strategic Ties

Pakistan and the United States wrapped up two days of high-level talks on Thursday, with a raft of economic development initiatives, an agreement to hasten deliveries of military hardware and a promise to put their often mistrustful relationship on a new footing. In a communiqué issued after the talks, the countries said they would “redouble their efforts to deal effectively with terrorism” and would work together for “peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

Administration officials said Pakistan was likely to get swifter delivery of F-16 fighter jets, naval frigates and helicopter gunships, as well as new remotely piloted aircraft for surveillance missions. But the United States was silent about Pakistan’s most heavily advertised proposal: a civil nuclear agreement similar to the one the Bush administration signed with Pakistan’s archrival, India.

Given Pakistan’s history of selling nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea, such an agreement would realistically be 10 or 15 years away, a senior administration official said Thursday. Still, the administration was careful not to dismiss the idea out of hand. “This is a new day,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in greeting Pakistan’s foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi. “For the past year, the Obama administration has shown in our words and our deeds a different approach and a different attitude toward Pakistan.” .........................................NY Times


guys just heard on TV that america is providing pakistan with another batch of 14 F16!!!! this was stated by ACM Rao Qamar Suleman!!!! and these are not the ones we are getting in june!!!
just wanted to clearify !!!! will they b Block 52 coz it was stated that PAF can order another 18 F16 block 52!!!!

*read SJ's comments*
*wondered y he is concerned about f-16s*
*wonder wat his comment has to do with the artcle*

Dude, who cares about that, India still out numbers pak who cares if ol' red, white, and blues gives the islam state F-16s.

(im not taking sides)

Pakistan won't get sqaut.

American is just buttering up Porkistan untill it achieves sucess in killing its own terrorists, and then will shit on Pak like it did in the past, and left the Paki prostitute on the same street corner it was picked up at.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

taiser have u read the article,,,,
it states the smooth delievry of F16 and Helicopters it is in that context!!!!

criticism for the sake of criticism is not productive counter with facts!!!! this goes to tushar!!!!!
Pakistan won't get sqaut.
now lets see!!!! tommorow when asian defense will post it then we will se that who is getting what!!!!
and tushar just pray to god that they dont leave us because this time terrorists will be more strong and we will send more of them to india to rape ur motherland mera bharat MAHAN!!!!

and tushar!!!! this is a fact coz the airchief has said that his briefing today!!!!!
and about the shit thing dont worry all the shit which will be throne at us we will throw at u!!!! then wipe as much as u can with ur money!!!!!
for those who know punjabi this is for india

Do the F-16's ship with a beard guard? Wouldn't want a beard getting stuck in the flight control sytem when it is flying at 100 mph(shareware mode).

Funny how some comments are censored and others not. why cant mod just approve messages before posting?

Tushar no one needs your two bit hate mongering you prissy two bit undernourished lil bhindian bhungi. You get the runs each time there is something about Pakistan on this blog. Take some immodium and plug that hole you spew this hate out of.
Bookz dont know about the beard guard on the F-16's but I am sure there is a dhoti guard and diapers on your Su-30's incase you soil yourself out of fear of engaging the PAF...

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