Sunday, March 21, 2010

Long-term plan to indigenously manufacture all major defence equipment'

CHENNAI: Vice-Chief of Army Staff Lt General P C Bharadwaj on Saturday said India had a long-term plan to indigenously manufacture all major defence equipment used in combat zones as part of its modernisation programme. "Modernisation is a very high priority matter. We are looking up to 2027. All the services (Army, Navy and Airforce) have drawn up their plans," Bharadwaj told reporters on the sidelines of the passing out parade at Officers Training Academy. He said India has progressed in a big way in making indigenous defence equipment like Brahmos supersonic cruise missile and said a lot of technical equipment used in battle is being produced indigenously. ..........................................Times of india


It seems Indian government really believes in long term plans. I mean, Arjun is 35 years old and still growing. Integrated missile program is old enough to be obsolete soon. LCA is still getting teeth and teetering behind the schedule. Minister does not need to worry about the even longer term plans. Poor breadless Indians have been fooled for so long.

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