Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am not sure but picture looks to PSed to me

I mean Il-78 is in Pakistan and this picture shows it in exercise, so there is no need to cover PAF markings and Pakistani flag on the aircraft

What ever be it, IL-78 is a feast to watch.

Are they still in production? Last I heard, they are no longer in production and the ones that India and Pakistan are buying are the ones that are in storage.

Pak Air Force Il-78MP

Multi-role aerial refuelling tanker/transport aircraft, with removable fuel tanks in cargo hold and UPAZ refuelling pods, for the Pakistan Air Force.with PS90A turbofan engines this series of aircraft will be very near to Il-96 Tu204 or Il-476 due to commonality of Ps90A engines.
Due to some American objection Pakistan would have introduced these refuellers with the most upto date western Probe/Drouge system.
Still Pakistan will be able to introduce Western Probe/Drogue system for The F-16 series within the IL-78 as it has done for its Mirage/Jf-17 thunder Aircraft.

from the day it arrived at paf base chaklala i am regularly watching this plane flying but i don't know why is the PAKISTANI flag so dull on the picture it looks like white but when you see it in real it is actually a PAKISTANI flag with very light green colour......

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