Monday, March 29, 2010

F-16 Block 52 with AMRAAM BVR Missiles to Start Joining PAF by June: PAF Air Chie

Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman on Saturday said PAF would start getting the lot of 18 latest version of F-16 fighting falcon aircraft fitted with Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile system by June this year.Briefing newsmen on the on-going High Mark-2010 Exercise by PAF in collusion with Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy, the Chief of Air Staff said the delivery of aircraft to Pakistan would complete by the end of current year.

He, however, did not disclose the number of BVR systems being acquired from the US, but said in addition to 18 F-16s, Pakistan has also been negotiating to get another lot of 14 aircraft of same version, besides getting other modern gadgets and weapons.“Our wish-list is unending, but we are heading with the realistic approach,” he said when was asked about the PAF’s wish-list from the US. He said the indigenously developed aircraft with the help of friendly country China JF-17 (Thunder) has been producing much better results than expectations, especially its weapon system.

He told another questioner that the existing lot of F-16s in the PAF inventory would be upgraded to the level of Block 52 series in Turkey and the project would be completed by 2014.Highlighting the importance of High Mark-2010, he said significance of the exercise could be gauged from the fact that the air force had been engaging all its assets, especially those recently inducted in its inventory like, Early Air Warning and Control System, JF-17 Thunder and Air to Air refueller. Besides, he said Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy have also been taking part in wholesome manner in the exercise which has been tailored to carry out joint and solo operations in accordance with the need that may occur.

He said the exercise is being carried out in the near to real situation with the aim to give mastery to the fighter pilots on avoiding collateral damage as in the past maximum efforts were made to avoid civilian casualties during the anti-terrorist operations.Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said this joint exercise not only focusses on to deal with the threat from the traditional rival, but also from the potential unconventional enemy.
When his attention was drawn towards the Indian doctrine of carrying out surgical strikes in the wake of Mumbai attacks, the PAF chief said the air force had immediately developed strategy to counter the threat which barred the adversary to opt for any extreme option. “Our response time during such situations is from 2 to 6 minutes from the ground,” he responded in a firm manner. He said knowing the capability of PAF the adversary did not dare to take any step.

He said PAF has been keeping a watchful eye to safeguard the frontiers of the country and effective systems are already in place to meet with any situation.In reply to a question, he said PAF had already been using
Unarmed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology for reconnaissance purposes while it hardly needs to go for armed aerial vehicle.He said the Exercise High Mark is being carried out from the existing financial resources available with the PAF as no additional allocations have been sought from the government for the purpose.
Answering another question, he said the coalition forces hardly commit any violation of Pakistan’s air while Pakistan had always strongly protested in case of any airspace violation by the coalition forces in Afghanistan.

He said that Pakistan and India back in 1991 had reached a mutual agreement not to enter in air space from 10 km of the border with the aim to avoid any violations.He said there was no threat from the western border while a sizeable number of aircraft are continuously guarding the eastern border, which are not a part of the exercise High Mark 2010.Detailed briefings were also given to the senior media-persons who were especially invited by the Air Chief to impart first hand information on the exercise, which has been entering its most important phase of fire power show. In the next phase which would be the culminating part of the exercise, contingents from Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy would also participate.


The new F-16s are one facet of the U.S.-Pakistan air force relationship, Lemkin said. “Other recent military-to-military engagements include exercises that provide focused training for air refueling, close air support and other air-to-ground missions, and some air-to- air training,” he said.This training is designed to increase “weapons delivery precision and decrease potential for collateral damage,” Lemkin said. “The U.S. has ongoing efforts to provide the Pakistan Air Force with night vision devices and associated training for their older F-16 aircraft,” he said. Lemkin said the senior Air Force leadership is also reviewing a Pakistani request to loan or lease excess or retired U.S. F-16s for ground operations before the newer ones are delivered. Still, “taking into account our own operational requirements and policy considerations, it is important to note that, currently, there are no available, retired F-16s that are readily available for transfer,” Lemkin said. ................................Bloomberg



AMRAAM BVRS'!!!!!!!!!!!!!



looks like PAKSITANI fucked you and has not given the due amount yet.

Why not long live america which is giving this to pakistan also?

You want american goods to fight india, but you still want to blame and complain against america?

Care to explain this strange logic?

what the hell are you talkin about?

If this is the pace of buying one and getting one free gift PAF will end up with a mix bag of 100 plus F-16,s in three years

for target practice i mean live, its no where in the world so easily avaliable Taiser

Pakistanis beware of the AMRAAM missiles that you have been given.

This is the combination of AMreeka+RAM. Both RAW and CIA out to screw you.

CIA/RAW/Mossad/MI6 conspiracy is involved here.


What the fuk are you damn bastards talking about?

>>CIA/RAW/Mossad/MI6 conspiracy is involved here.

It seems that RAW has lately been kicked on its balls by the CIA and left on the dry. Interesting to see how countries change their games in pursuit their national interests.

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