Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interceptor Missile Test Fails as Target Deviates

A planned test for India's indigenous interceptor missile to counter enemy ballistic missiles failed today after the target deviated from its path and plunged into the sea, leading to the trial being aborted.The new Advanced Air Defence (AAD) missile that was to be fired from the test range here to intercept the target was ready and all set.

But when the target, a Prithvi missile, deviated from its trajectory and fell into the sea, the computerised control mission noticed the unwarranted change of flight path of the incoming and called off the launch of the interceptor, a senior DRDO official said in New Delhi.

The Prithvi missile, fired at 1002 hours from a mobile launcher from the Integrated Test Range Complex-3 at Chandipur-on-Sea, 15 km from here, deviated from its trajectory after travelling about 11 km and fell into the sea, defence sources said.

Consequently, the hypersonic endo-atmospheric missile, being developed to destroy hostile ballistic missiles, did not get the required command for take off from Wheeler Island, about 70 km across the sea from Chandipur, they said.

"The target missile took off in a normal way 20 seconds prior to the interceptor missile launch. But the target deviated due to some onboard system malfunction and could not maintain the intended trajectory, failing to attain the desired altitude profile," the DRDO officials said.

The AAD missile was to intercept the target at an altitude of 15 to 20 km over the sea.

"The Mission Control Centre computer found that the interception is not warranted as the deviated target did not present the incoming missile threat scenario and accordingly the system intelligently did not allow take-off of the interceptor missile for engaging the target," the official said.

Sources in Chandipur said scientists were analysing data to ascertain the reason behind the deviation of the Prithvi missile from its pre-designated trajectory.

"Coordination between the target missile (Prithvi), from Chandipur and the interceptor from Wheeler Island could not take place properly during the planned trial," they said.

The DRDO official said, "The cause of the target malfunction is being investigated by analysis of tele-metered data."

The trial, aimed at developing a multi-layer tactical Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system, was originally scheduled to be held yesterday from the two sites of the ITR, but had to be put off due to a technical snag in a sub-system at Wheeler Island


That indicates a more serious problem with Indian missiles. Traditional Indian laims of pinpoint accuracy for their missiles are ridiculously off the mark just like the missiles themselves. If a missiles deviates so much from its planned flight path, it must be falling tens (or more) miles away from it target location. The target missile, probably a Prithvi, is assumed to be the most accurate in Indian arsenal.

what a shame. indian top military officer said week a ago their missile technology better than china but even before week that claim is a fake.

oh man, how can India shoot down missiles when she can't even launch them right!?

It takes more than what meets the eye!

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