Friday, March 26, 2010

Indian Navy on Aggressive Acquisition; Plans to have Fighter Planes

ndian Navy plans to take up aggressive acquisition programmes in aviation including induction of fighter planes and multi-role India's fighter jets helicopters for its fleet, its Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma has said."We are acquiring our ships, aircraft and submarines in accordance with the Navy's current Maritime Capability Perspective Plan. There are presently 40 ships and submarines on order," Verma said.He said in addition, Navy has aggressive acquisition programmes in aviation including induction of Mig 29K, the acquisition of Boeing P8I MPA aircraft, additional Kamov 31 helicopters and new multi-role helicopters.

"We would also by then have our indigenous strategic submarine force fully operationalised," the Chief of Naval Staff said in an interview to recently published 'Manas Defence Year Book'."The linking of all our platforms through ongoing efforts in data linking will realise the creation of a truly network centric force that is tomorrow ready. In sum by 2020, I see a modern and powerful Navy with a large indigenous component, manned by a highly tech-savvy manpower ready to meet the transformational changes," Verma said...............................EconomicTimes


Aggressive Aquisition?
Wats the point of being aggressive if the Multi-Roles Fighters they want keep crashin.

Taiser, are you an Inbred?

I'll quote you.

Quote of an Inbred:
Wats the point of being aggressive if the Multi-Roles Fighters they want keep crashin.

The Multirole fighters that are competing for Indian MMRCA tender are not crashing.

Its old Indian Mig 21's and other soviet era fighters which are.

I guess you intelligence decreases day by day, just like your countries economy and literacy rate.

Beggar Paki

at tushar,,,
Its old Indian Mig 21's and other soviet era fighters which are.
yup u rite 128 migs21 being phased out !!!! mig27 grounded !!!! mig 29 having structural problems!!! su30 now starting to crash!!! no first level trainer nor second level trainer!!!!! short on BAE hawk!!!! what else can u ask for and one more thing shortages of pilots!!!!!
its not how many good aircrafts india inducts!!!! or how much it portrays to be rich!!!! pilots are leaving because of low pay!!! the aircafts which wiil be inducted there wont be much pilots to fly them!!!!! and less not of pilots being inducted and lack of trainer aircaft!!!!!
what an aggressive acquisition

Yes, No wonder these tenders are being issued SJ, or should I call you Muhammad.

India doesn't need to act rich, it looks rich because we have such a big beggar on the side of us. That Beggar is Pakistan.

Now go begg Begggar Paki

Dont know about Taiser, you sure sound inbred Tushar in addition to being retarded, a moron and completely without any class or redeeming qualities. You stupid ugly, undersnourished bhindian!

I must have hurt the inbred Paki sentiment on this blog, for Taiser to go and bring his MIT colleagues (Madrassa Intitute of Technology) to call me ugly, when my picture is no where in sight.

This shows, the almost every Paki that has come onto this blog is either Microsephallic, or just plain retarded.

In your case Skyhawk, you are a mixture of both. Hahah

you beggar what happened in 1971 that time also you beggar climed that having better air force than India but what happened even after beggar paki preemptive strikes.go and ask your army what happened in Battle of Longewala .how your coward pilots sat inside sheds without aiding your army.ask how we f*** your army a**. and remember history repeats
pakistan bat mi kum nahi gand mi dum nahi

Naidu 1965 aur 1971 dono mein IAF key Gand mar di thi. Don't beleive me then pick up Chuck Yeagers auto biography. Wonder if you forgot the attack on Pathankot airbase where the best your pilots could do was to hide in trenches to save their lives and how the 19th squadron massacred the Indian armor on sept 6, when your CO ran back to Bhindia sans one shoe.

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