Wednesday, March 17, 2010

US transfers AH1-F Cobra helicopter gunships to Pakistan

The United States has delivered a squadron of 14 AH-1 Cobra advanced helicopter gunships to Pakistan, Geo News reported Tuesday.According to details, the AH1-F Cobra helicopter gunships, equipped for night flying, has been supplied by the US from its Jordan Air Base stock.The helicopters were handed over to Pakistan Army Aviation.   


Excelent thats more like it.It seems that US and the world is now understanding the real problem besides all the proganda against pakistan and its securityh forces.
I belives if india do so and understand the problems being faced by pakistan instead of just blaming it and acusing of helping terrorists, things can be changes very quickly and we together can destroy and eliminate all miltants.
Its in the favor of us all but India must cooperate first and understand the problems and ground realities.

Very sorry to here that the Army ISPR denied the report, saying they haven't received any equipment.

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