Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arms Open At Desi War Mart

With a defence budget of around $32 billion, India is one of the biggest arms importers among emerging economies. But this vast sum is mostly spent without any real planning. As foreign armament manufacturers eye our impressive shopping list, the question is: Will we get enough bang for our buck?

There is simply no business like the arms business. No trade is as deadly and as lucrative. Just about every nation is amassing the latest arms and defence technology to fight off or vanquish its real or imagined enemies.
Global annual military expenditure tops $1,500 billion now. With a defence budget of close to $32 billion, India, too, has emerged as a major buyer in the global arms bazaar in the last decade. India, in fact, is the largest arms importer in the emerging economies with the exception of China. India’s giant — and, of late, increasingly assertive — neighbour pegs its annual defence budget at around $78 billion. And this is a conservative estimate. .................................................Times of India


An emerging major arms importer.

That pretty good.

But there should be more planning in the stuff the Indians buy, cause there is not really much of a point in just buying a whole butload of weapons and callin yourself a super power.

well, the problem here is that Indian military is spoiled for choice, given that everyone except China can sell to India. There is never any justification to acquire a system which is not the best. It's going to be a while before India produces the best of class in everything, if ever.

What a waste of money for coward indian army need nappies to fight.

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