Friday, March 19, 2010

A dozen top Pak Army generals to retire this year

Twelve top generals of the Pakistan Army, including the chief of army staff and the chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, are likely to retire between March and November this year, while eight others will call it a day by September 2011.This will mark the end of a generation, which not only saw a phenomenal shift from conventional to digitalised war strategies, but also served under two martial laws.

With the stage set for some more extensions in the top brass – depending on current exigencies – some top ranking lieutenant generals might have to hang their boots to see their seniors holding on to the top slots, a Daily Times study revealed.Out of the 29 serving lieutenant generals and two four-star generals, four lieutenant generals have so far been given one-year extensions in the past few months, including Inter-Services Intelligence Director General Lt Gen Shuja Pasha, Peshawar Corps Commander Lt Gen Masood Aslam, officer on a UN mission Lt Gen Sikander Afzal and Chief of General Staff Lt Gen Mustafa Khan. According to official sources, the Peshawar corps commander is likely to relinquish his charge without completing his extension but the rest may continue...........................................dailytimes


Screw the generals and screw the army staff.

We screw you for 1000 years is not that enough or you want more

You coward indians

Yes, You screwed us for 1000 years, but unfortunately the Mughal rule in India lasted only 300 years.

Mughal Empire
- Established April 21, 1526
- Ended June 20, 1858

SO either you are mentally retarded, and think Mughal Rule in India lasted 1000 years, when clearly is lasted not even 300 years.

Oh and just to burst your bubble, you are no decendant of Mughal. You are just a filthy beggar Pakis, who lives of welfare checks, just like your beggar nation.

Also so that means for the last 5000 years, the Hindus ruled the Region all the way up to Iran.


Beggars Pakis think 300 years is 1000 years?

Funny thing is, Pakis are too dumb to realize, and Choose to flaunt their madrasa education everywhere.

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Pakistanis drink the tons of urine and shit that Indians pour into the indus and other rivers flowing into pakistan.
No wonder the pakistanis are so shit headed.

One dozen less thieves, commission agents and crore commanders to worry about in pakistan. Though some of them will go on to join some fauji foundation factory and continue to skim the profits off.

This also means that one dozen hungry and naked pakistani officers will replace them and they will start to suck that cuntry dry to fill their pockets.

Corrupt to the core, that's pakistan for you.

Divine, that was really uncalled for.

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