Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pak Seeks US Assistance in Nuclear, Drone Technology

Pakistan's top leadership today sought American assistance in the civilian nuclear field and the transfer of drone technology, saying such steps would help address misperceptions about the US and bridge the trust deficit between the two sides.During a meeting with visiting National Intelligence Director Dennis C Blair, President Asif Ali Zardari called on the US to provide assistance in civil nuclear technology to help Pakistan overcome its energy crisis and bridge the trust deficit between the two countries.

Zardari also sought the "early transfer of drone technology to Pakistan" so that the country's security forces could use unmanned spy planes to target militants.Such operations by Pakistani troops would have "wider public acceptability" than the drone strikes carried out by the US, he said."US drone attacks on our soils not only infringe upon Pakistan's sovereignty but also undermine the national consensus (for) the war on militancy," Zardari said.The President also stressed on the need for "working on a counter-terrorism strategy within the agreed parameters and creating an effective intelligence-sharing mechanism between the two countries".

He asked the US to strengthen and enhance Pakistan's counter-terrorism capabilities through "timely assistance and necessary tools and equipment".During a separate meeting with Blair, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said the success of the forthcoming Pakistan-US strategic dialogue "would be greatly beneficial for bridging the trust deficit and addressing the misperceptions about Pakistan-US relations".Gilani also underscored the need for "concrete and visible signs of implementation" of commitments in identified sectors.


Well its entirely in the interest of US and the world to give such technology to Pakistan as it is the front line country against terrorism, obviously with expection of kashmiri freedom fighters.

Now watch what happens to Pakistan.

Pakistan won't get another single penny or weapons from the U.S, just because the signed the Oil Pipleline deal with Iran.

The Americans are soo pissed, they might even declare war and disarm Pakistan. Good job Pakis, your dreams of getting a civilian nuclear deal have become even more lost.

HAHAHA, these beggar Pakis will never learn. Iran and Tajikstan are talking with India now to make a Oil Pipleline which will travel in the Gulf underwater, and will completely Bypass Pakistan. ROFL

Beggar Pakis

Potty mouth Tushar at it again. At least he's consistent abt being a moron:-)

Whats even more moronic Skyhawk is Muhammads (PBUH) marriage to a 6 year old infant named Aisha.

But I guess, that doesn't stop his Moronic Followers from the belief that ALLAH sent down the Holy Quran through the hands of a Pedophile.

" we will follow you, where ever you go"
Tushar! Have you noticed. What ever India do it comes to Pakistan;
missile to cruzzzz to Pak, nuke to neuclure, oil to India soil to Pak.
Unfortunily, India pouring so much money to Russia for ready made toys...keep it in blanket to play.What else are you getting?Pak already has it.

You just confirmed what I said Tushar, you are a small minded and petty idiot with zero class and decency. The best you are capable of is insulting other religions shows your low background.

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