Friday, March 26, 2010

Pak Navy to Consider French Marlin class and Chinese Yuan for its Next-Generation Submarines

Pakistan Navy is in discussions with China and France to acquire seven latest conventional submarines, negotiations with Germany to purchase three U-214 is also on cards.Chinese version offers economical price of around $230 million for each boat.To negotiate with French DCN Company for Marline Submarines, a high level naval delegation will visit France on April 27.

Reliable sources from Pakistan Navy told DawnNews that after three years of continuous negotiations with Germany PN has decided to avail some other options as well for acquiring next-generation submarines. Sources maintained that Islamabad is deeply interested in acquiring four Chinese Yuan and Song Class and three French Marlin class latest diesel electric conventional versions in a bid to meet any challenge from the rapidly expanding Indian navy.Initially German company HDW had drawn up technical specifications for three U-214 boats and a billion dollars contract also intact and was almost final.
Dawn/Asian News International


Pakistan can't even survive unless pennies are thrown into its beggar bowl, and you think they are going to buy New Sumbarines?

A beggar nation like Pakistan was rejected the HDW's from Germany, because of their terror sponsoring activities, and you think the French are gong to provide you with the Marlins?

Isn't an investigation going on about French Arms Diplomats being killed by Paki ISI for not bribing Pakistans Officials.


Im amused by the simplicity of the Paki mindset. Madrassa education can do this to Beggars.

China will have to provide not only the submarines but also the money. . What a sad little -stan. India should start exporting its commodities at heavy discounts in the international market to totally destroy this transient jokey nation.


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