Friday, March 19, 2010

China air force covers North Taiwan with Russian-built missiles

China has installed eight battalions of Russian-built missiles in its province of Fujian which could hit any plane flying across Northern Taiwan, reports said yesterday.The Chinese-language Apple Daily quoted the Canadian-registered Kanwa Defense Review as saying that the Chinese air force had put up the S-300 PMU2 missiles at its Longtian base in the province. Since Fujian is only 130 kilometers from Taiwan and the surface-to-air missiles have a reach of 200 kilometers, they would be able to take down any aircraft in Northern Taiwan, including the presidential plane, the report said.Taiwan's French-built Mirage 2000 jets, stationed at a base in Hsinchu County, could form the prime target for the Chinese missiles, the Apple Daily said. As soon as any of the Mirages took off, or if the president’s Air Force One left from Taipei's Songshan Airport, they would become immediately vulnerable to a missile attack, according to the report..........................etaiwannews


Jam it. That's the only way out.

Cannot jam it .It is lasser donut.

So as it's an electronic, it can be jammed/fooled.

Lasser donut?

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