Friday, March 19, 2010

Indian Army Issues RFI for `loitering' missiles

After Israeli UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or spy drones which act like cruise missiles, the Indian armed forces are looking to induct `loitering' missiles that hover before selecting and hitting targets of greater priority. Army has issued a global RFI (request for information) about medium-range loitering missile systems, seeking details about their day and night camera payloads, ground control stations, data links, launchers and the like. Only a few armament majors like Israeli Aerospace Industries and Raytheon make such missile systems. "The RFI was issued earlier this month. The loitering missile is basically a UAV which can transmit data after hovering over a target undetected for about 20-30 minutes and then hit a selected target,'' said an officer. ......................................Times of india


what rubbish its all waste of money for coward slumdog indian army.
What a waste of poor lowlife slumdogs indians earned by cleaning laterines in UAE and other arab states.

Yes, They Indians do clean their own latrines, but in UAE, they are the second largest investors of business.

Unlike Pakistan, which literally is the terror latrine of the world.

Thats why, everyday the United States fire 10 missles at Pakistans Microsephallic citizens.

Paki Fauj is real brave, thats why their own citizens are target practice for American Drones. ROFL

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