Friday, March 19, 2010

US to Provide 13 AH-1F Cobra helicopters to Pakistan for use as spare parts

The US will provide 13 AH-1F Cobra helicopters to Pakistan for use as spare parts in its helicopter fleet, the US embassy said on Wednesday. “The helicopters will be shipped from a US facility in Alabama later this year. The 13 aircraft are part of a larger 2007 transaction under which Pakistan also procured and refurbished 12 AH-1F Cobras for its fleet,” the statement said. During the last three years, US civilian and security assistance to Pakistan has totalled more than $ 4 billion, which includes medical aid, school refurbishment, bridge and well reconstruction, food distribution, agriculture and educational projects. The US has also funded and provided training for more than 370 Pakistani military officers in a wide range of leadership and development programs covering topics like counter-terrorism, intelligence, logistics, medical aid, flight safety and military law.



Is that for free or paid?

The Paks are lucky if its free...


Where will pakistan get the money to pay for this? If this was not free, pakistan won't be accepting these.

These choppers hand-me-downs, just like people give away used clothes to the poor during winters.


Come on you coward indians its only 13 dont be afraid i know you and your coward army must be pissing in you pyjamas with fear.

Dont be afraid

you Slumdog Cowards

Pajamas are only worn by Pakistani men, and Paki Fauj.

Its Pakistans combat uniform.

In India, Pajamas are only worn by women. So Basically, Pakis are cross dressing whores, whos citizens are being blown up by American Drones, just for a few helicopters.

Beg all you want Paki boy, But your mothers will be sold as target practice to your American Masters in return for this aid.

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