Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chinese cyber-attacks give NATO sleepless nights

NATO diplomatic sources have told The Times that the Chinese have become very active with cyber-attacks.'We are now getting regular warnings from the office for internal security,' they said, adding that the number of attacks had increased significantly over the past 12 months.China, they said, is among the most active players.In United States, an official report released on Friday said the number of attacks on Congress and other government agencies had risen exponentially in the past year to an estimated 1.6 billion every month.The Chinese cyber-penetration of key offices in both NATO and the EU has led to restrictions in the normal flow of intelligence because there are concerns that secret intelligence reports might be vulnerable....................Rediff


Somaliya Pirates = Chinese cyber attacks .

It is far WORSE than it is known.

"China's Hacker Army"

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Chinese dragon wants to get up close and personal with NATO!!!! Now thats a downhill story for ye!!!!

Cyber-attacks will become even more common to a point of being trivial.

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