Friday, March 12, 2010

Russia to Build More than 1,000 PAK FA Stealth Fighter Jets

Russia will build more than 1,000 stealth fighter jets within four decades, including at least 200 for its traditional weapons buyer India, the head of plane maker Sukhoi said on Friday.Sukhoi test-flew its long-delayed fifth-generation fighter at the end of January, and Moscow said it would be able to compete with its U.S. F-22 Raptor rival built more than a decade ago.Sukhoi said last week it hoped the fighter, codenamed T-50, would be ready for use in 2015."If you talk about warplanes of this type, there is definitely a market for it if we produce more than 1,000 jets," Sukhoi director Mikhail Pogosyan told reporters on the sidelines of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's visit to India...........................Reuters


Bad news for the U.S.

F22 fleet size stands at 183 and the jet costs about $140 million each.

F35 is hardly designed to excel either in BVR or WVR, has yet to finish 30% of its development landmark and already is about to cost as much as F22 does today.

1,000 PAK FA. Reality check, big time.

Here is an AW&ST article on how Sukhoi plans on accelerating PAK.FA's flight test program. Sounds more reasonable that Lockheed's with its F35 Lemon.

For india its 200 nos 2 seater + 50 nos Single seater version planned in PAK FA

If the aircraft performs better at the given price than IAF might buy more than 250 Jets.
If AMCA performs well than it will be capped to 250 only but AMCA will have to go a very long way to become reality.
It will take long time for PAK FA to compete with Proven RAPTOR and Lightening.

Wait F-22 Raps cost 140 milll!!!!???????????


US$142.6 million (2009 flyaway cost)

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