Wednesday, March 3, 2010

India is Negotiating for 42 Su-30MKI fighter jets

India and Russia are negotiating a new contract on the delivery of 42 Su-30MKI to the Indian Air Force, an Indian newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing military sources.According to the Daily News and Analysis newspaper, the new deal, which is reportedly worth more than $3 billion, has been in the works for several months.The new air-superiority fighters will come on top of the 230 already contracted from Russia in three deals worth a total of $8.5 billion.

"The [new] order is being placed due to the insufficient number of fighter squadrons in the Indian Air Force and would allow us to eliminate potential threats," a source in the Indian Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti.India originally ordered 50 Su-30MKI aircraft from Russia in 1996-98 and an additional 40 planes in 2007. Hindustani Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) was also contracted to build 140 aircraft in India between 2003 and 2017 under a licensed production agreement.

The Indian Air Force currently has about 100 Su-30MKIs, mainly deployed at airbases close to the borders with China and Pakistan.Analysts believe that India will remain the main purchaser of Russian-made combat aircraft for the next 15 years under existing and future contracts, as the country desperately needs to upgrade its fighter fleet, which includes Su-30MKI and MiG-29 fighters, but mainly consists of obsolete Soviet MiG-21 models.

RIA Novosti


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Tehran times today quotes the revolutionary guards suspects ISI links with Junallah group and infective crack down by Pakistan shows ties with the ISI and terrorist organizations.

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Iran calls dirty Pakis supporters of Terrorism

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The United States plans to send 1,000 laser-guided bomb kits to Pakistan later this month and is also on track to deliver 18 F-16 fighter jets.
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The Iranians, Indians, Afghans, Americans, English, French, Italian, German, Russian, and even Bangladeshis and Nepalis support this claim.

If you want proof, I can post links from offical country specific government sponsered news websites of these Countries.


230 + 42 = 272 Su30MKI. Wow!

Fleet size of 272 is even larger than that of the proposed MRCA (126).

IAF and state officials must have been very satisfied with the Indian Flankers (at $40 million per copy).

What the fuck is this Tushar guy? A shameless creature. Not have been taught modesty by its parents.

It is called 'flamebaiting,' a silly way to get attention.

Back to the topic:

Americans industries like to 'NextGen this' and 'NextGen that' in recent arm sale promotion while rarely being able to deliver product on time, on spec and on budget. Pity. Russian and Indian's approach with Su-30MKI stands in sharp contrast: a supremely good product delivered on time, on spec and costs less than half of its Western equivalent (F15K is rumored to cost around $100 million, each).

In that respect, BRAVO to the MKI program management team.

Great move by India. Wow what an airforce India is building. 3rd largest airforce in the world. Much larger than France, Germany Britain. By 2025:

5th gen fighters

4.5 Gen aircraft
270+ Su-30 MKI
56 Mirage 2000 upgraded
70+ Mig-29
24 Mig-29 K / KUBs
150+ LCA

4th gen
100 + Jaguars
100+ Mig-27
100+ Mig-21 Bison

250 FGFA + 270 Su30MKI + (126?) MRCA

Such a mix alone would already be unbeatable.

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