Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Only F-16 jets strong enough to repel China

Only the United States-made F-16 fighter jets were strong enough to help Taiwan repel an attack from China's more sophisticated aircraft, reports said yesterday.The Chinese-language Liberty Times daily said internal Ministry of National Defense reports showed the air force's Indigenous Defense Fighters and French-made Mirage 2000 jets were not up to the standards of China's most recent aircraft.Taiwan has been trying to obtain upgraded F-16 C/D jets from the U.S., but the Obama Administration has so far failed to agree on the deal.One Russian-supplied Sukhoi-30 from China's air force was the equivalent of 2.8 Mirages or 1.7 IDFs, the MND report said, according to the Liberty Times.The F-16 would draw level with the Su-30, making the U.S. jet the strongest aircraft in Taiwan's arsenal, the paper said...............................Taiwan News


WRONG. F16CJ is not in Su30's league.

Case in point: Dissimilar exercises between IAF Su30 and F16CJ from Misawa during Cope India 06'.

What R0C needs is to integrate its ground and air defense and C4ISR assets.

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