Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pak-US joint air exercises planned

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the US Air Force (USAF) will conduct joint exercises in the US towards the end of this year and the F-16 aircraft of the PAF will participate in the manoeuvres, defence and diplomatic sources told.“The joint exercises have been planned in the wake of the quality performance of the PAF in air raids in the tribal areas as part of the war on terror as well as the recognition of its air power in South Asia,” said the source, requesting anonymity.“The F-16 fighter jets, which are already part of the PAF fleet, will be flown to the United States for participation in the manoeuvres,” they said. The sources said a meeting would soon be held in Washington to not only finalise the schedule but also other modalities for the exercises, including the US where the exercises would be held, duration of exercises and technical details. They said 12-15 F-16 aircraft of the PAF would be flown to the US by the Pakistani pilots...................The News


Should be very good for Pakish pilots to get some advance training.

PAF poilets are one of The Best in the world. US knows the value of PAF poilts. This is good for PAF poilts to have a such exercises in USA.

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