Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All-Iraqi effort during nation's election

The Iraqi air force flew an all-Iraqi effort in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for the first time in Iraq this week in support of an Iraqi election.Kirkuk Regional Air Base's Iraqi air force Squadron 3 launched six of their aircraft on the morning of March 5, during a surge flight operation in support of the national Iraqi elections March 7. "In previous years, the United States has provided security, aerial surveillance and reconnaissance for the elections, but today marks a historic event because the Iraqi forces, with all of their assets, will provide their own (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) coverage for the Iraqi national elections, something they've been working toward for the past four years," said Lt. Col. Rodney Liberato, the 321st Air Expeditionary Advisory Group/Det. 3 chief at Kirkuk RAB. Since the Iraqi squadron is tasked with supporting ISR operations over the major cities of Iraq during the elections, its members have to be vigilant in protecting the Iraqi people. To be able to do their job properly, the squadron has technology to assist them in preventing attacks by


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